K&L Spotlight 2: Account Development Department Head

Account Development Department Head

Kyongna Pak

Connecting 'People' and 'Brands'

As a former music producer, I was involved in managing international artists, advertising promotions, and concert production both domestically and internationally. While the experience of working abroad and the job itself was fun and rewarding, I wanted to expand my horizons somewhere where I could apply my expertise in communication and brand development. That's why I decided to join K&L, a leading force in overseas branding for Japanese companies.
From India to Singapore to Malaysia, I was assigned to our offices abroad soon after I joined the company. My journey with K&L has been marked by a commitment to understanding local cultures on a deep level. Amidst our global operations, I've prioritized immersing myself in each community, valuing the importance of genuine connection.
At K&L, we're dedicated to more than just solving business challenges; we're passionate about bridging the gap between 'People' and 'Brands'. Our solutions are rooted in the profound insights gained from truly knowing the lifestyle and preferences of each market. These are gained through beyond just research results and data, but they’re from experience of engaging in the culture. Not only do these understandings drive our success but they also serve as invaluable assets in my professional journey.

Aiming for breakthroughs by understanding communication

One project that left a lasting impression is the branding initiative I led for a Japanese baby product manufacturer during my stay in India.
This brand had strong recognition in Japan and China, but its presence in the Indian market was strikingly low. Besides local competitors, European competitors had already established significant brand awareness and market share, presenting a multitude of challenges beyond mere promotional efforts. These challenges included expanding distribution channels, navigating logistics, and adhering to Indian production regulations.
To tackle these challenges, I engaged with local management, factory heads, and sales teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape. Working alongside our local Indian colleagues, we refined on our target audience, constructed branding strategies, and devised promotional plans.
Branding in the intricate Indian market was notably different from experiences in Japan and China. However, by witnessing the local market dynamics firsthand and fully committing to our local customers, we achieved notable success.
During my time abroad, I strongly sensed that while Japanese companies excel in technology and product quality, there's often a cautious approach to communication due to a strong sense of brand responsibility. So, I believe our agency's mission is to break through these barriers by truly capturing the essence of communication.

Breaking communicative norms and delivering quality solutions anywhere

As of late, the global business scene has undergone significant changes in communication dynamics due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After nearly a decade of international assignments, I transitioned to working at the Tokyo headquarters in 2020. Initially, I wondered how I could leverage the networks and communication skills developed during my time abroad. However, I've come to realize that physical presence isn't always necessary; with strong connections to local contacts, you can get the job done regardless of where you are. I believe my unique experiences and insights can be shared from anywhere, whether it's from home or through a computer screen.

While physical distance and communication methods have shifted, I'm committed to delivering even higher-quality information and solutions. Fortunately, K&L provides a network that allows me to make this happen. Recently, I successfully secured branding projects for a US-based B2B company and campaign projects for a Sweden-based financial firm—all through remote communication. These achievements are made because of K&L's long standing focus on the global market and dedication to global branding efforts.

Creating solutions that inspire and connect

In the advertising industry, digital technology has led to the emergence of innovative services, creatives, and technologies. There is great potential for collaboration with these developments, and I would like to incorporate them into my work.
As value continues to diversify, our agency will need to adapt accordingly as well. I look forward to continuing creating compelling solutions, that break free from stereotypes, that are exciting and inspire and connect to people, while of course also delivering tangible business results.