K&L Spotlight 4: Account Planner

Account Planner

Oomori Yasushi

Gaining confidence through managing global campaigns

Before joining K&L, I first worked at a TV production company, where I was involved in creating commercials and television programs. Despite the challenging workload, I managed various content tasks and gained valuable experience in video production. Then, transitioning to a PR agency with strong ties to television, I focused on media relations, managing PR events, and press releases. As I wanted to make direct corporate-consumer communication, I later joined an event production company, overseeing exhibitions and limited-time events. These diverse roles equipped me with a comprehensive perspective and essential content production skills. Joining K&L in 2019, despite coming from what’s often referred to as the “old media” sector, I was eager to bring my experience to the table while exploring new opportunities with a global outlook. I felt a strong connection with K&L's focus on international markets since its establishment, and their emphasis on content creation. Shortly after joining, I jumped into a global campaign for a Japanese audio-visual equipment manufacturer, producing video content related to their website development. This experience not only aligned with my desire to participate in global campaigns, but also showcased my strengths, boosting my confidence.

Using comprehensive data for optimal communication solutions

In my current role as an Account Planner, I handle diverse clientele, ranging from large commercial facilities to sectors such as real estate and healthcare. Each day brings new challenges and demands, and lately, there’s been a growing request emphasizing digital solutions. From crafting websites to managing web PR campaigns such as display ads and social media; the key is to effectively target and promote content in line with evolving consumer behaviors.Working closely with clients, we analyze target demographics, touchpoints, and communication channels associated with their products or services. Through these analysis and evaluation, we refine strategies that are optimal for their needs.Recently, we've been actively utilizing specialized global digital media

Continuously learning and applying knowledge

As the number of digital projects increase, collaborations with external partners also grow . Our agency acts as a liaison to external partners, understanding clients' needs and guiding the process to bring those visions to life. With a comprehensive understanding and skills in content production, we guide the direction of the overall process, from defining requirements to iterating through the PDCA cycle. Keeping up with evolving digital knowledge and skills can be quite challenging, but I make sure to swiftly apply insights gained from daily practice.

Creating positive communication cycles with creative ideas

In agency operations today, digital tools are indispensable, and their significance is only expected to rise. Yet, it's crucial to remember that they're just one facet of communication (the “how”). Ultimately, it’s people that drive the creative process. Rather than being dictated by digital trends, I believe it’s vital to generate ideas that truly resonate with people’s hearts. This is where I see K&L excelling, and I aim to maximize each individual's value while fostering a positive communication cycle. At K&L, we all share this mindset, and we embrace challenges with flexibility to create impactful communication, regardless of whether it’s digital or not. Although we often face difficulties, especially in complex projects, I'm committed to bringing intriguing concepts to life and captivating people by adding my unique personality and sense.