New Smartphone “RealMe 5 series” Music Video

RealMe Smartphones

Promotion movie of the RealMe smartphone series with high-performance camera

We produced a promotional movie for TikTok and YouTube for OPPO's RealMe smartphone series, which is equipped with a high-performance Quad Camera. The lyrics and music of the rap performed by the cast are also original.


How to create a buzz through our target audience?

In order to increase the product’s presence in the smartphone market, we created a promotional movie in a style from the young target user's perspective that will make them want to share and spread the movie.


Adopting content that is highly familiar to the target audience

Adopted street rap and dance, which are popular among the young population in India. We put together lyrics with product features, lots of movement and bright colors and made an energetic video that is highly relatable to the target audience.

K&L’s provided value


  • Communication planning
  • Creative planning


  • Promotion movie
  • Original soundtrack
  • Social media (YouTube, TikTok)

Promotion movie